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Born in Gujarat, India Bill Thakor immigrated to the United States in 1982. Before coming to the United States, Bill Thakor earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and worked at the Bardoli Sugar Factory, the largest sugar factory in Asia. After arriving with his wife in San Francisco, Calif., Bill went to work at a small motel in Fairfield, Calif., where he learned the hotel business through hands-on-experience.

After raising money in 1987, Bill Thakor purchased his first SRO hotel in San Francisco. Over the years Bill has owned and operated several SRO hotels in San Francisco and still does to this day. In 2001 along with his partners Bill purchased his first franchised hotel the Hampton Inn (now La Quinta Inn) in Oakland, Calif., near the Oakland Airport. Soon thereafter came the purchase of the Holiday Inn, a full service hotel in Chico, Calif.

In 2002 Bill and his partners acquired a small piece of land in American Canyon, Calif., a city located south of Napa County and 35 miles northeast of San Francisco. There they developed and built the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott which they sold right when construction was completed. In 2005 Bill decided to sell his share of the Hampton Inn and Holiday and focus primarily on his hotels in San Francisco.

His focus begin to shift into acquiring smaller independent hotels where he could put more effort into delivering luxury accommodations at affordable prices. Today with over 30 years of experience in both independent and franchised hotels, Bill Thakor and his sons aim to do just that. Most recently they completed renovations at the Capri Hotel in San Francisco and are renovating several more with the goal to deliver luxury accommodations at affordable prices.